This uses page is a place to share one's favorite tools or gear (le "matos").


I got fed up with the disastrous experience of recent macbook butterfly keyboards, so while in covid solitary, I went back to an old 21.5-inch iMac of late 2013. It has only 8G of RAM, but still provides more calm than the frustrations of a broken keyboard.

I now carry a Fairphone 3 running /e/. It's a solid phone, with replaceable parts and built atop a child-labor free and fair supply chain. The experience of a stock Android free of Google services is refreshing – sometimes a bit rough around the edges, though I try and take it calmly and think about the enormous advantages a monopoly gets and the courage of those challenging it.


I use JetBrains IDEs with little customization besides setting a high contrast theme. I'm a big fan of Figma for the little graphic design needs I have.

I place pixels in Aseprite, and use Petmate for Petscii art.

I sometimes write in iA Writer.

My terminal emulator is iTerm2 back again, after a detour using Here too I keep customization to a minimum.

My browser of choice is now Firefox again, and I use their synchronization tools.