This now page is a place to share personal updates on one's own website rather than Facebook or twitter.

I recently started working on the basics of reading Japanese. I'm level 2 on WaniKani and trying to keep up with the lessons and reviews everyday. WaniKani makes it pretty entertaining ; it feels really natural going back to the site for more every day. Their spaced-repetition algorithm works wonders, and if this sticks, I'll be a happy customer after level 3.

I'm also building this website, and this time I'm happy enough with the design, so I have a good feeling it won't go to waste like the previous attempts. I've sketched it in Figma , and it was a joy. This software is so refreshing to use, and knowing it's a web view leaves me in awe. It's the final nail on the coffin of the old idea you can't do anything serious in a web view, mobile app being second to that.

I've been doing a couple of petscii and pixel artwork while stuck at home, I might upload some on this site one day.

I'm currently reading Debt, the first 5000 years by the late David Graber, and Berlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin.